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TEMAHOME's designer consoles have been designed to complement your interior decoration while retaining essential functionality.

How do I choose a designer console?

At TEMAHOME, we know how important it is for you to have a coherent décor. Our designer consoles have been designed to adapt to any living space. Whether you place it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even your entrance hall. Our contemporary style, created by our designers in France and Portugal, will blend in naturally with your interior.

You'll also find a wide choice of finishes and colours, from white to black. Define your needs, your style, your desires and then dive into our selection. Go ahead and choose a designer console for yourself and your loved ones!

What is the purpose of a designer console?

Our furniture is designed to be sleek and unique. Thanks to their contemporary design, they can enhance your interior while remaining discreet. Our TEMAHOME designer consoles are no exception, offering you an occasional piece of furniture that can be used as a pocket divider, a table or a display space for your collections or favourite objects. 

You can also store your plants to complete your interior decoration. Our wide range also includes additional storage drawers. The choice of materials is also important, whether they're natural wood, black metal, white marble or vintage-inspired, you need to keep in mind the artistic coherence of your decor and your furniture (armchair, sofa, rectangular, round or square coffee table...). Whether you're planning to position your designer console in an office, dining room, bedroom or living room, think about the furniture you've already integrated.

What materials should I use for a designer console?

The choice of materials is essential when you're thinking of buying a designer console. You need to find the style that will blend most naturally with your current décor. Our TEMAHOME consoles are available in a range of materials to accommodate your everyday items while remaining discreet. Each material has its own characteristics and subtleties. Inspired, elegant or warm: a wide range of emotions and moods are available to you thanks to our designer consoles. Take your time and choose a piece of furniture that's both adaptable and attractive.

How do you choose your console unit?

The console is a piece of occasional furniture that easily takes its place in all types of interior design. As professionals, the Temahome designers are keen to offer you consoles with contemporary lines that will enable you to furnish your home with a piece of furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. Thanks to our designer consoles, you'll be able to show off your decorative objects to their best advantage, and give your room a touch of elegance and refinement.

Sleek or with a few storage spaces, Temahome design consoles are made to enhance any room in your home. They can be adapted to any space, giving it a soft, modern feel. Whatever the purpose of your designer console, this space-saving piece of furniture will look great on any wall in your bedroom, living room, hallway or living room.

The console is a piece of occasional furniture that can be functional or purely decorative. It generally takes up very little space and can easily be placed in any room in the house: kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom and even bathroom. To choose the ideal console table, start by deciding where you want to place it. 

A console can simply be used to dress up a wall, as a decorative object in the living room, as a pocket divider, at the end of a sofa or to show off your favourite souvenirs and decorative objects.

Used at the end of a sofa, the modern console can also be used as an occasional bar. In this case, we recommend protecting the top with a coaster. All you have to do is furnish it according to your needs and your decorating desires. If you need extra storage space, the console can also be fitted with compartments so you can organise your accessories while showcasing your favourite ceramics.

What are the advantages of a designer console?

The console may be a discreet piece of furniture, but its aesthetic appeal will also add a contemporary or cosy touch to your interior. Temahome's designers work with great finesse on the lines of our designer consoles, because we want your piece of furniture to take pride of place at the heart of your interior. To achieve this, we create designer consoles that ideally combine functionality, elegance and simplicity. 

For added functionality, we also create designer consoles that include original storage spaces. Your piece of furniture can be used to store your books or files, or to display your decorative objects. We even offer designer consoles whose storage spaces are delicately concealed by a flap with very pure lines.

How do I choose the finish for a designer console?

Your designer console comes in a wide range of materials and colours to give your room a contemporary, refined, cosy or simply elegant feel. It's all about choosing the right finishes. Marble will bring a subtle touch of modernity to your room, while oak or walnut will give your wall a warmer look. Supported by metal legs, a wooden top is the perfect combination of vintage and modern. In short, you need to think about the finish of your designer console table in relation to the finish of the other furniture in your living room. If your main table is made of natural wood such as light oak with light-coloured legs, in a Scandinavian style, then our GLEAM console in light wood and natural design should be to your taste. On the other hand, if your dining table is in a more chic, modern style with a slim black metal base, then you'd be better off opting for a designer console in the same style. We stock the HELIX console table with black and white marble top and geometric black metal base. It will be your ally in an elegant and original decor and will go well with tables with black or white tops. 

Our range of designer consoles does not include furniture with built-in drawers or shelves, or mirrors sold with them. TEMAHOME wants to offer you furniture that has its own purpose, and that of a modern console is to provide you with a means of extra storage to dress up the entrance to your home sweet home, or part of your living/dining room.

If you'd rather have a piece of furniture for storing documents, we invite you to take a look at our designer bookcases, whose built-in shelves will give you all the storage capacity you need. A desk with drawers and storage shelves could also be a solution. Just check the dimensions of the desk to make sure it doesn't take up all your space.


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