Bathrooms don't always have enough storage space, but you still need to organise your towels, beauty products and make-up accessories. Temahome's design teams have created storage units to suit all types of bathroom.

How do I choose a bathroom storage unit?

The choice of storage unit depends on the space available in your bathroom. The dimensions of your room will determine the height of your storage unit. Temahome designers have created high and low units so that you can adapt your storage space to the size of your bathroom.

Then select your storage unit according to your functional needs. If your bathroom has no cupboards, you'll need to store all your beauty accessories: bath sheets, beauty products, hairdryer, make-up and first-aid kit. So choose a piece of furniture with enough drawers and cupboards. For greater everyday comfort, don't hesitate to opt for a bathroom storage unit that includes a mirror.

What is the purpose of a bathroom storage unit?

The bathroom is an important room in the home, since it's dedicated to your personal hygiene. That's why it's vital that all the items used in the bathroom are neatly organized. Bathroom storage units offer a number of advantages to their users.

Temahome storage units are large enough to organize all your beauty and personal care accessories. Their design is also ideal: the lines are sober and modern, and even allow you to show off a few decorative accessories. If your bathroom mirror isn't enough, you can also opt for a mirrored storage unit.

A bathroom storage unit can complement the existing furniture in your room, but can also compensate for the lack of storage space. The dimensions of Temahome furniture are designed to fit into tight spaces. So you can easily optimize space in any type of bathroom.

How do I choose the finish for a bathroom storage unit?

The finish of a piece of bathroom furniture is very important, as it determines the decorative style of your room.

A bathroom with a bath can be associated with a relaxing atmosphere. That's why our Kube column with its natural oak veneer is ideal, giving your room a style that's both soothing and warm. The concrete finish of our Combi bathroom storage unit will give your décor a more modern, chic feel. If you're looking for a sober, functional piece of furniture, you'll appreciate the lines and colours of our Biarritz storage unit.


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