Discover our range of designer tables! Whether you're looking for a dining table, bedside table or folding table, TEMAHOME's creations are suitable for all your uses!

Why choose a designer table?

At TEMAHOME, we aim to combine aesthetics and functionality in each of our creations. Our tables and chairs are designed to share this value thanks to their contemporary design and varied shapes. Aesthetics are of paramount importance when choosing your future table, as it must be adapted to your living space. We also offer extendable tables that can be adapted to suit the number of guests. [Our initial idea was to maintain the timelessness of the design of this piece of furniture used every day. Our contemporary design has the advantage of blending in naturally with your interior decor while remaining discreet and elegant. So go ahead and choose a piece of furniture with a variable shape but timeless style!

How do I choose a designer table?

As with any new acquisition, your choice should be guided by the selection of dimensions, shape and/or colour. It's important to have an initial idea of what you want before consulting our catalogue. And don't hesitate to ask friends and family for help if you're not sure - sometimes an outside opinion is more than welcome! Once you've set these parameters, you'll find a wide range of unique tables to choose from. Wood, metal or marble, black, white or lacquered, each piece of furniture adds a subtle touch of boldness! Some tables are also available with benches, giving you visual and functional harmony. Take a moment to browse our range and choose the table that suits you best!

What finishes for a designer table?

Our ambition has always been to offer a wide choice of finishes for each of our pieces of furniture. Different colours and materials make it easy for our customers to find the style that suits them. Whether black, white or grey, our designer tables have been designed to blend in naturally with your interior décor. With metal or wooden legs, nothing is left to chance. Concrete, natural oak or marble finishes offer a wide range of designs to make your interior shine! Before making your choice, take the time to define your needs and those of your loved ones!

How do you choose a table?

The table is the centrepiece of any interior, which is why our professional designers have designed this convivial space to be as functional as it is elegant. Temahome tables will give your living room an original and contemporary touch that your guests will appreciate. Square, rectangular, round or extendable: all the designer tables we create fit perfectly in your rooms so you can enjoy moments of sharing in total comfort. Thanks to their clean, simple lines, our designer tables will add a twist to your home's décor, giving you the chance to express your tastes and personality to the full. So go ahead and choose a design table that you'll love for its simplicity, elegance and functionality: you're bound to find a model in our range that suits your needs and desires.

The first criterion for choosing a table is, of course, its shape. A round table, for example, is ideal for small dining rooms, as its shape makes it easy to move around. A round table will also enhance the decor of your room perfectly. Square or rectangular tables are more suited to large dining rooms, as they can fill in any lost corners. This format will also allow you to seat a larger number of guests. Whether you have a large or small space, you can also opt for our extendable tables: the perfect compromise between functionality and originality!

What is the purpose of a designer table?

As the central element of your home or flat, a table must be both practical and elegant. The designer tables made by Temahome's teams combine functionality and modernity to perfection. The clean, simple, refined and timeless lines of our furniture will blend in perfectly with your interior décor. You can choose to give your living room a cosy, contemporary or convivial atmosphere. A designer table must also be perfectly functional, whether it's round, square or rectangular, it must fit impeccably into the space you have available. Whether you have a small or large living room, you'll be able to welcome all your guests in comfort and warmth.

How do you choose the finish for a designer table?

The finish of a designer table will help you to subtly finalise the atmosphere you want to give to your dining room. Two-tone tops for originality and sobriety, marble for a touch of refinement and modernity: don't hesitate to opt for atmospheres that fully match your personality and your needs. Our range of designer tables even includes concrete tops to give your living room a bold, modern touch. If, however, you prefer the warmth of solid wood, opt for a top in walnut or oak veneer. These models rest on a steel base that offers a perfect blend of convivial and contemporary design.

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