Why choose a designer storage unit?

Storage units have a central place in your home, as they are there to store your belongings. Shoes, files, clothes or crockery, their place in the home is generally defined. TEMAHOME offers a wide range with a contemporary design that will blend in naturally with your interior.

Don't forget to choose the right place for your storage unit, whether in the kitchen, bedroom, living room or hallway. It needs to be discreet but accessible for everyday use. Likewise, we want TEMAHOME's creations to be unique and uncluttered, while retaining their usefulness, with their many doors and drawers. Don't hesitate to choose a piece of designer storage furniture for your home!

What is the purpose of designer storage furniture?

Our designers in France and Portugal have created desks, sideboards, bookcases and storage units by focusing on the balance between functionality and aesthetics. The designer storage units created have benefited from this combination. Thanks to their large storage space and numerous shelves, each piece of storage is suited to its own category of object. Socks, T-shirts, shoes or even books, each item will have its definitive place in your home. Once your things are in place, you can take full advantage of the aesthetic appeal of your storage unit. Sleek and unique, our designer storage units offer beautiful lines and a variety of colours to match your interior décor.

How do you choose your storage unit?

The first question to ask yourself is: "What kind of items do I need storage for? Depending on your needs, you may choose a chest of drawers, a sideboard or a bathroom column. You should also take into account the dimensions available in your home. Take measurements before making your choice. Once you've defined your needs, all you have to do is choose the colour, shape and finishes offered by TEMAHOME. Wood, light oak, metal, white, grey or brown, the wide range of designer storage units we offer will enable you to maintain the aesthetic harmony of your decor. Once you've completed all these steps, all you have to do is browse our collection and make your choice!

The functions of designer storage furniture
Practical, designer storage furniture

Designer furniture

A piece of Temahome storage furniture will add a touch of elegance to your storage spaces. The sleek, contemporary design of a Temahome sideboard will naturally enhance any interior and set off the rest of your furniture to perfection.

Storage units for the entrance to your home

Entrance furniture is highly functional, with a wide range of possible features including mirrors, shoe storage and storage niches.

Temahome entrance furniture is the perfect combination of functionality, simplicity and elegance to make your comings and goings easier.

The sleek, contemporary design of the Temahome collections blends perfectly with the rest of the brand's furniture. Dare to twist your interior for a pleasant space.

Temahome designers create designer storage furniture for your home that will help you arrange your space with elegance. Both functional and beautiful, Temahome furniture naturally enhances your living spaces thanks to its clean, contemporary lines that blend in perfectly with your decor. Our storage units, such as sideboards, have a number of features: they can be used as storage niches or as cloakrooms with mirrors. So you can organise your files and store your shoes or clothes with ease.

Practical to use, the furniture made by our professional designers matches perfectly and adds a subtle touch of modernity to your rooms. Opting for Temahome design means choosing ingenious, elegant storage furniture that will make your home more pleasant and easier to live with every day.

A storage unit must first and foremost be functional and practical for everyday use. Your comings and goings to pick up a file, choose a pair of shoes or put away a photo album should be as simple as possible. So choose your storage unit according to your functional needs: storing objects, filing away files, hanging up clothes or making scarves, hats and handbags easily accessible. Storage furniture should also be perfectly suited to the space in which it will be placed. Opt for furniture that will naturally take its place in your living space while remaining simple to use every day.

What are the advantages of designer storage furniture?

The designer storage units created by our professional designers are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality to match your decor. This kind of furniture should help you organise your objects and clothes, but it should also fit in perfectly with the style of your interiors. For example, a piece of designer storage furniture has plenty of storage space, is practical for everyday use and is designed with clean lines that add a touch of elegance to your living spaces. A sideboard with drawers, shelves and doors gives you plenty of storage options. Particularly if you don't have a display cabinet to store your crockery and glassware, a designer storage unit will be just the thing for this type of tableware.

However, we recommend that you store your crockery and glassware in a suitable piece of furniture, such as a storage cabinet with a door and/or display case. As this type of furniture is higher than low and wide, it will be more comfortable to look for these items in a suitable piece of furniture rather than in a low sideboard, which may be less comfortable in this case.

The colour, from white to black, and the material of your storage unit will bring a new atmosphere to your living space: marble, natural oak, walnut, all shades can be envisaged. And don't forget that the simplicity and refinement of all the finishes on the furniture we offer give you the chance to express your personality and style to the full.

How do I get my TEMAHOME designer furniture delivered?

Regardless of the purchase price of your Temahome furniture, your order will be dispatched within 72 working hours from receipt of your order confirmation. We guarantee fast delivery to the address of your choice. The prices indicated on each product sheet include delivery costs. So there are no nasty surprises about extra delivery costs when you check out. Simply order all your furniture and decorative items from Temahome.

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