Discover our range of tables, bar units and sideboards to add a touch of contemporary design to your kitchen! 

How to choose furniture for a designer fitted kitchen? 

The kitchen is a central feature of any house or flat. It's where people cook, eat and live - a place for socialising and sharing. At TEMAHOME, we know how important it is to our customers. That's why we've created a range of microwave sideboards, bar units and designer tables that combine aesthetics and functionality. Our designers work hard every day to offer contemporary designer kitchen furniture in a range of finishes. Able to blend naturally into your interior, our trendy products will make your home shine thanks to their wide range of colours.

What finishes for your kitchen furniture? 

Before making a decision, it's always important to consider your needs. Are you looking for a bar unit? A sideboard? A high table? Then take a look at the finishes on offer. At TEMAHOME, we offer a wide range of colours: brown, black, grey and more. We also offer various wood veneers such as oak or walnut. You can also find marble or concrete textures. The idea is for you to find designer kitchen furniture that matches your style and harmonises with your interior. Take the time to see what storage space is available - the kitchen is a space full of odds and ends. Once all these parameters have been defined, all that's left to do is choose your next piece of furniture!

Why buy kitchen furniture from TEMAHOME? 

We are committed to adding a subtle touch of originality to your home. The kitchen is no exception, which is why we want you to feel good when you're in this living space. That's why we want you to feel good when you're in this living space. Our designer kitchen furniture will enhance your decor while remaining perfectly accessible and practical. At TEMAHOME, each customer's style is important, so we offer a wide range of finishes and colours to ensure that everyone finds a product that suits them and at the best prices. So don't hesitate to browse our catalogue!

Practical, functional kitchen furniture 

The kitchen is the perfect place for socialising: depending on the layout of your space, you can share aperitifs, but also warm meals with family or friends. So that you can receive your guests comfortably, your designer kitchen furniture must be perfectly adapted to your space constraints. The teams of designers who work on Temahome furniture offer collections that are ideal for all types of interiors. 
Design and function are the watchwords of all our kitchen furniture ranges. From dining tables to bar units and sideboards, combine our designer kitchen furniture to create a harmonious setting with a timeless design. Your kitchen space will be optimised so that you can make the most of sharing moments with your family or friends. To be pleasant and convivial, your kitchen needs to be equipped with furniture that is practical to use every day. That's why the designers who create our furniture ranges are keen to offer you designer kitchen furniture that's as beautiful as it is functional. Thanks to the design of our kitchen furniture, you can make the most of your living space and welcome your guests in comfort. Choose our folding table, for example, to adapt your space to the number of guests you have and your everyday needs. 

You can even turn your table into a console to make even more of the workspace in your kitchen! The bar unit is also an ideal piece of furniture for entertaining friends in a friendly atmosphere and for taking advantage of extra storage space. Last but not least, our range of kitchen furniture includes a sideboard for your household appliances.

Choose designer kitchen furniture with inspiring lines 

The furniture created by our designers is the perfect blend of design and function. The sober, elegant lines of our designer kitchen furniture are ideal for enhancing your interior. Thanks to this simplicity, you can also easily personalise your kitchen and combine your most beautiful decorative objects with your furniture. Our designer kitchen furniture is a perfect match for your style and the layout of your house or flat. 

And don't forget that all our furniture ranges have a timeless design, so you'll never get tired of your designer kitchen furniture! To make your kitchen truly yours, our designers offer a range of finishes that will allow you to adapt your new furniture to the style of your interior. Thanks to this variety of materials and colours, you'll be able to create your ideal ambience: the combination of wood and marble for a contemporary, chic feel, the combination of red and white for an original design or the refined simplicity of walnut for an elegant, modern kitchen. The choice is yours!

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