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Your living room deserves to be furnished with pieces that are both beautiful and practical to use, which is why Temahome designers create designer coffee tables that will fit perfectly into your home. The space where you entertain friends and gather with your family for a meal should be warm, but also stylish and modern. That’s why all the coffee tables we make for you combine clean lines with a functional and timeless design.

All our furniture ranges can be combined with each other, and you will have a lot of pleasure in arranging your living room and your coffee table to add your own personal touch. Indeed, the sober and contemporary aestheticism of our tables helps you to fully express your personality and to twist your decoration according to your tastes and your needs.

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How to choose a coffee table?

Before choosing your coffee table, determine the space in which you wish to place your new piece of furniture. You need to have enough room to move around your table and receive your family or friends in comfort. You can then opt for a specific format of coffee table.

For example, we recommend a round coffee table if you have a small space, as this format also helps to create a more intimate atmosphere. You can also opt for a folding table if you want to make the most of your space. Rectangular or square coffee tables are also very user-friendly, allowing you to accommodate a larger number of guests.


What is the purpose of a modern coffee table?

Temahome’s lounge tables are the perfect combination of function and beauty. We are aware of the importance of such furniture in a living room, and we have designed living room tables that are practical to use every day and whose timeless lines will perfectly match your decor.

Depending on the amount of space you have available for your designer coffee table, you are bound to find something to suit your needs in our various ranges. Functional, durable, and bold square tables for a modern and timeless space; or modular coffee tables with storage space: you are bound to find the most suitable solution for your living space!


How to choose the finishes of a modern coffee table?

As the coffee table is a key element of your living space, it is important to choose the right finishes. It is the materials and colours that will give your living room a special atmosphere. A concrete finish, for example, will give your room a resolutely modern and timeless look. A combination of white and natural oak is more inviting, but also very contemporary. Living room tables made of dark woods such as walnut are also very elegant and warm.

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