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The sideboard is an extremely functional piece of furniture that allows you to store all your dishes. Long considered an outdated piece of furniture, the sideboard has been given a new lease of life for several years and is now available in very trendy styles.

The wooden sideboards created by our designers are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. They fit perfectly into the decor of your kitchen, dining room, or living room. Focus on this utilitarian and modern furniture that is now a must!

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How to choose a wooden sideboard?

To choose a quality wooden sideboard, it is important to look at several essential criteria.
The purchase of this piece of furniture depends on what you plan to store in it and on the dimensions of the place where you intend to place it.
Your sideboard should not clutter up your living room unnecessarily, so you should choose dimensions that will allow you to move around freely in your living room or dining room. Another good tip for your living room is to choose a sideboard that is slightly shorter than the length of your dining table, which will create a much more aesthetic effect!
Then select your sideboard according to the amount of crockery you wish to store. You can choose a sideboard with open or closed storage modules. Sideboards with open shelves are perfect for displaying a few decorative objects of your choice. A sideboard with only closed cupboards will give you the opportunity to store many kitchen accessories and dishes.


What is the purpose of a wooden sideboard?

A wooden sideboard has two essential functions in a room: it is both useful and decorative.
The presence of a sideboard in a living room or dining room enhances the room’s decor by adding a touch of modernity and warmth. To enhance the decor of your dining room, you can place a beautiful lamp, a bouquet of flowers or a sculpture that you particularly like on your wooden sideboard.
The wooden sideboards created by TEMAHOME designers are also very functional. Their ideal dimensions fit perfectly in your room for a modern effect you will love. The storage modules cleverly designed by our teams also give you the possibility to store all your dishes and kitchen utensils. This kind of organization will allow you to clear the clutter in your kitchen.


How to choose the finish of a wooden sideboard?

Furniture finishes are an essential step because it is the colours and materials that will give the final touch to the decoration of your living room. To meet all your needs, our designers have designed your wooden sideboards by selecting a wide range of finishes. Oak, walnut or wood veneer: it’s up to you to choose the combination of finishes and colours that will meet all your decorative needs.

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