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The coffee table is a very important piece of furniture in a house or a flat: it is where you receive your friends, enjoy a movie night, or have a romantic aperitif. The designers who make Temahome furniture want to offer you wooden coffee tables that will perfectly match your needs and the decoration of your home. Our wooden coffee tables are the ideal combination of functionality and beauty, they embellish your living room while giving you the possibility to store or showcase your accessories and decorative objects.

You can easily improvise an aperitif with friends or a game night with your family, in complete comfort! Your guests will love the modern and daring design of your wooden coffee table while you will never get tired of its pure and easy to combine lines.

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How to choose a wooden coffee table?

To enjoy a warm and welcoming living room, it is important to choose your coffee table carefully. Start by defining the use you will make of it daily: TV dinners, evenings with friends, movie or game nights, afternoon tea and snacks, all functions are possible. Also think about the size of your living room, you must be able to move around your wooden coffee table without hindrance. Finally, consider your storage needs: if you want to store and display a few beautiful books, board games or multimedia accessories, you will need to provide adequate storage space.

Some coffee tables also have storage compartments that are very practical for keeping remote controls, tablets or drinks sets within easy reach, while others are limited to a tray and are very light.


What is the purpose of a wooden coffee table?

A wooden coffee table must allow you to comfortably receive all your guests, but it must also fit perfectly with the decoration and layout of your living room. Combining simplicity of use and aestheticism: this is the challenge our professional designers take up to offer you wooden coffee tables whose bold and contemporary lines you will love. It will allow you to receive your friends and family around an aperitif, to dine on the go, to arrange some decorative objects and of course to create a unique style which looks like you.

Moreover, the design of a TEMAHOME coffee table always matches perfectly with the rest of your furniture and allows you to fully express your style and personality. The Temahome coffee table is the perfect complement to your other furniture and allows you to fully express your style and personality: don’t hesitate to choose a modern and friendly wooden coffee table.


How to choose the finish of a wooden coffee table?

To perfect the decor of your living room, it is important to choose the right finishes for your wooden coffee table. The combination of walnut and metal will bring a contemporary and warm atmosphere to your interior. This tone of wood will also match perfectly with white for an extra touch of elegance. Our designers also suggest you play with volumes by mixing the depth of black and the refinement of walnut. Finally, to create an even more elegant and modern atmosphere in your living room, you can of course combine the conviviality of wood with the purity of Marquina or Carrara marble.

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