French headquarter and Portuguese manufacturing


Opened in 1961 and 1981, our two bases in Thônes and Tomar now share a common mission put in place with the creation of the TEMAHOME group. This association allows us to work with a real European feeling based on our specificities and skills in order to draw on a global harmony and offer our customers the best of both cultures.


Thanks to the daily vigilance of our quality department, we ensure that our suppliers comply with our requirements in terms of environmental impact. Materials used, origin of the wood, European and American compliance, etc. Everything is carefully checked to guarantee quality and traceability with constant transparency.

Kit furniture and transport

Since the 1970s, we have been designing and creating furniture delivered in kit form. This choice allows us to optimise the use of materials and truck loading in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Our boxes are also manufactured in our workshops from very large sheets in order to avoid waste and optimise our tailor-made packaging.



No to greenwashing! At TEMAHOME, sincerity is achieved through transparency. We began in the French Alps, more precisely in the Thônes valley in the heart of the Aravis. We are surrounded by forests, lakes and mountains: nature is part of our lives. That's why we'll only talk in this section about actions undertaken or upcoming for our environmental impact. We aren't here to say 'look, we're green too!' but to share with you projects that simply make sense to us.

Carbon footprint

Industrial furniture manufacturing requires electricity to power our machines. It also generates multiple transportation, of raw materials and components from our suppliers, finished products to our customers, as well as those relating to our employees' journeys. To improve our carbon footprint, we are increasing actions to limit energy consumption on the one hand and optimise material consumption on the other, seeking the maximum use of material by optimising formats and reusing off-cuts.
The main materials we use are particle board for furniture parts, cardboard for packaging, and metal for assembly systems, hinges or slides.
These three materials are completely recyclable and also already largely made from recycled elements. Our products therefore already fit perfectly into the circular economy.
The panels we use are made with a mixture of recycled wood and wood offcuts not recycled by sawmills, from FSC or PEFC certified forests.
Finally, we voluntarily use panels that contain the minimum amount of formaldehyde and comply with the American Carb 2 standard, which is about half of the E1 level required in Europe.

Here to help

Rethinking the brand for you

We naturally think 'User Experience'. We practise UX design, that is to say that each development and each decision must be made by integrating our customers' point of view. How we can make your journey a pleasant and even unique experience, from the search for inspiration to the delivery, assembly, maintenance and life of the product. The idea is to promote the ergonomics of our services to facilitate our exchanges and share a lasting bond with you.
You can also send us your feedback via our social media on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube

At your service

As part of our focus on user experience, we have also developed our customer service. A FAQ section is available to help if you have any questions regarding an order. If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line using the available forms. We are happy to help.


Particular attention is paid to the design of our furniture. Whether it's the eco-design of the product, its quality, the materials used or its recyclability, everything is studied in depth to offer you a real TEMAHOME experience.

Our sharing spaces

We have developed our social media so that we can create a strong bond and keep in touch with our customers. It's also an excellent way to share our inspirations, behind-the-scenes looks and even future products with you. We've set up a blog for longer pieces. This format suits us better to develop the themes that are important to us, so check it out!
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