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Bureau Multi 160

Bureau Multi 160


Produit Code: 9500.612305
Produit Code: 9500.620188
Produit Code: 9500.620171

Les rangements positionnés aux pieds de la table Multi la rende fonctionnel aussi bien pour la salle à manger que pour le bureau.


Hauteur 75 cm
Largeur 160 cm
Profondeur 90 cm



Multi table truly lives up to its name. Apart from the multiple leg option, Multi also offers multiple finishes, creating many different ways to personalize this piece. With the “storage legs,” the user gets extra storage space, since the structure doubles as a shelving unit, while the “trestle legs” bring a touch of contemporary design. For a bolder piece, the “perth legs” will work wonders, and finally, to achieve the traditional table, there’s “square legs,” a classic that never goes out of style.