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Dann 165

Dann 165


Produit Code: 9500.400568
Produit Code: 9500.400551
Produit Code: 9500.400506
Produit Code: 9500.400513
Produit Code: 9500.400544
Produit Code: 9500.400490
Produit Code: 9500.400520
Produit Code: 9500.400537

Family products composed by sideboard and coffee table.Constrasting finishes in oak or walnut and doors or tops in grey and white.

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Hauteur 65 cm
Largeur 165 cm
Profondeur 45 cm


The Dann sideboard’s most prominent feature is the two-toned notched sliding doors which cover the two left most compartments of this unit. Also available is a matching coffee table.