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LONDON Simple Bookcase

LONDON Simple Bookcase


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A versatile shelving unit for every sort of interior.


Width 156 cm
Height 100 cm
Depth 34 cm



Contemporary design Bookcase LONDON simple



Made in Portugal in our factory in Tomar.



A design bookcase adapted to your interior.



The LONDON modular bookcase is charismatic and functional. It can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider. You can choose the bookcase in a single finish or contrast the finishes so that the backs are different from the frame.

LONDON is polyvalent for every type of interior and you can give free rein to your imagination and adapt this room to create the desired atmosphere.


Materials: honeycomb construction mainly composed of chipboard and high density fiberboard, made from recycled wood.

Finish: matt lacquer and natural wood veneer



  • Width: 156 cm
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Depth:   34 cm


Packaging designed by our teams to prevent any damage.

Flat packed to facilitate shipping and reduce carbon impact. Shipping costs included.

Easy assembly with instructions included.


Package 1 weight and dimensions: 35.8 kg – L 170 cm × H 17cm x D 38.5 cm

Package 2 weight and dimensions: 7.7kg – L   50 cm × H 12.5 cm x D 37.5 cm



The advantages of this design bookcase.



*Deco tip*: this magnificent DESIGNED by Ricardo MARÇAL shelf with clean lines will embellish your living room, office, bedroom or hallway.


TEMAHOME has been designing and manufacturing furniture with a sleek design since 1961 to allow you to express your own style.