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JOIN 180H2 Sideboard with Feet


JOIN 180H2 Sideboard with Feet


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Width 180 cm
Height 91 cm
Depth 50 cm



Contemporary design JOIN sideboard 180H2 with feet


Made in Portugal in our factory in Tomar.



A design sideboard adapted to your interior.


JOIN is a modular sideboard system. It is available in 4 different sizes – 60, 120, 160, 180 cm and with 2 possible heights for the body of the sideboard.


There are 5 different finishes for the top – between wood veneer, marble – and 2 basic options.

You can also opt for a black metal structure.


Materials: Structure in agglomerated panels based on recycled wood.

Possible finish: matt lacquer, natural wood veneer and marble.




  • Length:   180 cm
  • Height:     91 cm
  • Depth:      50 cm


Packaging designed by our teams to prevent any damage.


Flat packed to facilitate shipping and reduce carbon impact. Shipping costs included.


Easy assembly with instructions included.


Package 1 weight and dimensions: 33 kg – L 128 cm x H 12 cm × D 60.5 cm

Package 2 weight and dimensions: 25.9 kg – L 99 cm x H 9.4 cm × D 65.1 cm

Package 3 weight and dimensions: 27.5 kg – L 104.2 cm x H 11.2 cm × D 65.5 cm

Package 4 weight and dimensions: 3.35 kg – L 182.7 cm x H 11 cm × D 49.1 cm

Package 5 weight and dimensions: 55.7 kg – L 193.3 cm x H 13 cm × D 61.5 cm



The advantages of this design sideboard.



*Deco tip*: This JOIN buffet will embellish your dining room, living room or kitchen and will adapt perfectly to all your interiors.


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