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Two piece coffee table that opens and closes according to the user's needs.


Width 172 cm
Height 33 cm
Depth 82 cm



JAZZ coffee table with contemporary design


Made in Portugal in our factory in Tomar.



A design coffee table adapted to your space.


Clever and refined, this coffee table offers plenty of room to offer an impromptu snack or aperitif to your guests.


With its 2 asymmetrical parts and its niche under the top, the JAZZ coffee table is the perfect combination of contemporary style and natural forms and will adapt wonderfully to all your interiors, small or large.


Materials: Honeycomb panels and chipboard, mostly made from recycled wood, satin lacquer or coated with natural wood veneer.




  • Lenght:      172/90 cm
  • Height:           33 cm
  • Depth:        82/45 cm


Packaging designed by our teams to prevent any damage.


Flat packed to facilitate shipping and reduce carbon impact. Shipping costs included.


Easy assembly with instructions included.


Package weight and dimensions: 22.5 kg – L 101.5 cm × H 15.3 cm x D 48 cm



The advantages of this designer coffee table.



*Deco tip*: this DESIGNED by Ricardo MARCAL coffee table will find its place in your living room or office.


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