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Discover our selection of low TV stands, designed to make your multimedia corner discreet and unique!

Why choose a low TV stand?

At TEMAHOME, we design our furniture to fit in with your interior and your lifestyle. Our low TV stands have been designed to create a natural combination of spacious storage and a clean, unique look. Your new unit will showcase all your screens perfectly integrated into your space. You will also find a large choice of storage units: drawers, niches or simple doors, many storage devices can be found in our catalogue. In addition, remember to look at the shape most suited to your needs, whether it is corner or straight, your future acquisition will have its definite place in your home. Don’t hesitate and choose a discrete, functional, and contemporary design furniture for your TV!

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How to choose a low design TV stand?

We offer a wide choice of finishes for most of our furniture. Each TEMAHOME creation reflects its customers, unique. Therefore, we always try to offer a wide choice of finishes so that everyone can find the furniture model that matches their interior design. To do this, you need to focus on the style of decoration you want and match it with the right colours and materials. You should also measure the dimensions required for your new furniture and find the ideal place to install it. Once you have done this, you can browse our catalogue of low TV stands to find your favourite. Your choice of furniture is very important because it supports the image you wish to give to your family and friends, so take the time and choose a TEMAHOME creation!

What finishes for a low TV stand?

At TEMAHOME, we are very attached to the use of certain materials. Wood, mostly recycled, is the basis of our creations. Then, we offer it in several finishes to give you a maximum choice. Wood veneer, walnut, or oak, different colours, metal or solid wood legs. So many options to match your current decor while keeping a clean and contemporary design. Think also about the colours you need, each colour can change the perception of your interior, for example, wood finishes offer a more natural and authentic look. Take all these elements into account and determine your needs. Once you have done this, all you must do is choose your low design TV stand!

How to choose a low TV stand?

What if your multimedia space was arranged with elegance and modernity? This is the challenge that Temahome’s designers have taken up by offering you low TV stands that combine aesthetics and functionality. While it is important to be able to enjoy a movie night or a video game session in comfort, it is also essential that your furniture fits in with the decoration of your room. Whether you are simply looking to install your TV or you also want to store your games consoles and speakers, we offer modern TV stand designed to accommodate all your multimedia equipment with ease.
Choosing a Temahome low TV stand means adopting a minimalist design that will perfectly match your interior and will allow you to fully assert your personality. Don’t hesitate to call upon the ingenuity of our designers to give a twist to the decoration of your flat or your house.

To choose your low TV stand, first determine its exact place in your living room or TV area. Be sure to avoid false days and to arrange your furniture in a way that does not damage your eyes. For greater comfort, it is preferable to choose a piece of furniture whose height depends on the height of your seat. Then choose your furniture according to your needs: in addition to showing off your television, you may also need storage space or space for your decorative items. Finally, a low TV stand must be in perfect harmony with the decoration of your living room, so choose a design that will fully fit into your interior.


What is the purpose of a low TV stand?

A designer TV stand has two advantages: it is made with timeless design lines and has volumes arranged in such a way as to simplify its use. In short, a designer TV stand is both beautiful and practical. The TV area is a central element of the house, as you can host your guests or enjoy family evenings there. It must be able to support a large TV set as well as a smaller one. Your TV stand should therefore be fully integrated into the layout and decoration of your living room. Thanks to its sober and elegant lines, your Temahome furniture will bring a touch of elegance and conviviality to your multimedia space without overloading the room with an imposing piece of furniture. Ideal for a teak space, you can easily place your TV screen and store your game consoles as well as the accessories you need daily.


How to choose the finish of a low TV stand?

The finishes of a low TV stand must be selected with care, as it is the colours and materials that will help define the atmosphere you wish to give to your multimedia space. White lacquer, concrete, walnut, or oak veneer: don’t hesitate to choose the finish that will perfectly match the style of your interior, whether it is classic or modern. For a soft and warm living room, you can for example adopt the timeless alliance of white and oak!

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