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A dining room table is an indispensable part of your living room. These pieces of furniture are functional, but also decorative.
Temahome wooden tables are decorative elements in their own right: with their clean and elegant lines, they subtly embellish your living room.
Our designers are committed to offering you perfectly designed, durable and timeless furniture. You will thus take pleasure in receiving your guests for dinner.


How to choose a wooden table?

To choose a wooden table that fits perfectly into your dining room, you need to pay attention to certain criteria.

First, make sure you assess the space in your dining room. Your wooden table should not look too small or too imposing when installed in your room. The Temahome catalogue offers round, square, and rectangular wooden tables, so you will need to select the size of your table carefully. Round tables are ideal for small spaces and can accommodate more guests. Square or rectangular tables are ideal for larger spaces. There are also modular tables that fit into small spaces and can be folded out to accommodate 4 to 6 guests.

Next, select your wooden table, taking care to respect the style of your dining room. Your table should not break the harmony of your room: choose finishes that will subtly combine with the colours of your decoration and your furniture.

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What is the purpose of a modern wooden table?

A wooden table has a functional aspect, but also a purely decorative one. Some tables can be useful daily, others will be useful on an occasional basis for entertaining your family or friends for example. You can also use your Temahome wooden table to place a computer when you telework.

Temahome wooden tables are perfectly adapted to your needs. Our range includes modular tables adapted to small spaces, but also large tables that will allow you to receive up to 8 guests. Our design teams have created tables with sober, elegant, and modern lines. Our furniture ranges are timeless and will fit perfectly in your dining room.


How to choose the finish of a modern wooden table?

A wooden table with a beautiful finish transforms the atmosphere of the room in which it is installed. Walnut, oak, white veneer: it’s up to you to choose the finish and wood species that will ideally match your interior design. If you want to see your guests in an elegant and modern atmosphere, we recommend you choose a walnut finish. Walnut is the essence of modernism and harmony, and will give your dining room a very nice Art Deco look. Oak is more contemporary, but also warmer and more sober: it is the perfect wood for entertaining your guests in a convivial atmosphere.

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