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The table: the centerpiece of your space
Central to the house, the table is the place where we meet and share. The functional side and the elegance of a table are thus essential elements in your living environment.

The subtle originality that you would expect in your home rooms will be brought by the Temahome tables.

Which shape should you choose for your table ?
The shape of your table is a true mix of functionality and elegance for your room.

A round table is preferably placed in the center of a room. This enhances its aesthetics and provides good circulation around it.

Square or rectangular, these shapes can fill spaces with lost angles. This style of table is also appreciable when the number of seating is large.

Temahome offers tables in these two types of shape to adapt to each interior.

And why wouldn’t you opt for the extending table?
An extending table allows the table functionality to be adapted to the space and to the number of your guests.

Temahome offers timeless and original extending tables meeting all your requirements.



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