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As a central element of your living room, a coffee table should fit perfectly into your layout and decoration. The furniture Temahome designers make are decorative accessories. In addition to enhancing the decor of your house or flat, our coffee tables are functional: they will allow you to welcome your friends and enjoy an evening with your family. When you choose a Temahome round coffee table, you are choosing conviviality and warmth with bold modern lines.

Thanks to their resolutely pure style, our coffee tables will give you the opportunity to showcase a beautiful bouquet of flowers, art books or your favourite decorative objects. This is the perfect opportunity to give your living room a twist by expressing your taste and personality. Don’t hesitate to choose a round coffee table around which you will take pleasure in gathering with your family.

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How to choose a round coffee table?

Although a coffee table can come in many shapes, the round shape is the most common and most practical. Once you have chosen the shape of your table, you will need to think about its height. This dimension is not standard and can be adapted to your uses and the height of your seats. If you like to have poufs and cushions around your coffee table, don’t hesitate to choose dimensions slightly lower than those of your sofa. The closer a coffee table is to the floor, the more harmonious and warm your living room will look.


What is the purpose of a round coffee table?

A round coffee table has many advantages in everyday life. With its friendly and modern appearance, it allows you to move easily in your living room and to receive many guests for an aperitif. In terms of decoration, a Temahome round coffee table gives you the possibility to fully express your tastes: rugs in various shapes, meridian seats, ornamental objects, travel souvenirs, it’s up to you to compose your favourite decor! The little extra? A round coffee table is ideal for small spaces.


How to choose the finish of a round coffee table?

Warm, industrial, or modern: you choose the atmosphere that best suits your living room! Thanks to the ingenuity of our designers, you can adopt the finishes you prefer to give your interior the ultimate decorative touch. Opting for a combination of wood, marble, and metal for a contemporary and elegant living room. If, however, you prefer the refinement of black, don’t hesitate to combine it with the warmth of an oak veneer: you will thus create a living room that is as modern as it is convivial.

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