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Because the living room is the warmest space of a living space, Temahome designers create coffee tables with pure and daring lines. All our ranges of modern furniture are also designed according to functional shapes, so we propose rectangular coffee tables around which you will move comfortably every day.

Geometric design, refined and elegant shapes, boldly arranged volumes, assumed modernity: you are bound to find the coffee table that will ideally match the style of your interior. Our teams make rectangular coffee tables whose neat silhouette will allow you to give free rein to your style and your decorative desires. Adopting Temahome’s design is finally choosing the comfort of a beautiful and functional furniture. Don’t hesitate to give your house or flat a new touch of modernity and boldness!

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How to choose a rectangular coffee table?

The living room is a very important room in the house as it is where you enjoy moments of relaxation, where you receive your friends or meet up with your family. The choice of coffee table for your living room is therefore very important. Rectangular coffee tables are ideal for large living rooms, as they easily connect your seating and allow you to place two sofas face to face in a harmonious way.

Of course, there are different sizes of rectangular coffee tables: adapt yours to the height of your sofas and to your daily use. You will want a large and functional table top if you like to entertain your friends or organize game nights! Finally, if you need to further organize the space in your living room, don’t hesitate to choose a coffee table with enough storage space.


What is the purpose of a rectangular coffee table?

Temahome rectangular coffee tables not only link the different seating areas of your living room in a harmonious way, but they are also functional. You will have all the space you need to organize your aperitifs and store your magazines or beautiful books in this new piece of furniture. The rectangular coffee tables designed by our designers are pure and timeless. You will never get tired of your coffee table and can easily arrange your living room according to your taste and personality. All our furniture ranges are perfectly matched to each other, so your new rectangular coffee table will fit perfectly in your living room.


How to choose the finish of a rectangular coffee table?

To help you choose the rectangular coffee table of your dreams, our designers suggest you select finishes that will perfectly match the decorative style of your interior. Marble or wood, metal, or wooden legs: everything is possible! For example, our marble tops are available in white and green and can be combined with matt black or chrome legs. It’s up to you to choose the combination of finishes that best matches your living room furniture.

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