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Why choose a modern coffee table?


At TEMAHOME, we have added a clean and timeless design to our coffee tables with the aim of combining art and good functionality. Contemporary artistic elements such as finishes, stains or veneers are combined with shapes adapted to your interior. Whether they are square, rounded, with or without storage, our coffee tables will subtly embellish your existing furniture. Our eco-responsible creations are above all designed to meet your needs and those of your family. Choosing a TEMAHOME modern coffee table means combining ease of use and great aesthetics for your living space.


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How to integrate a modern coffee table in your living room?


The overall aesthetic coherence is essential when you organize the decoration of your house or flat. Our modern coffee tables have been designed to offer you a wide range of customization options for your place, the choice is yours! Do you prefer an oak, walnut, or marble top? A metal or wooden base? A black, white or wood global aspect? This wide selection of finishes offers our furniture a diversity that will harmonize with your style. The chemistry between your coffee table and other furnitures of the room, especially the sofa, is essential to ensure a warm and welcoming living space for you and your loved ones.


What style for a modern coffee table?


The choice of style is very important to ensure a uniform interior design for your living room. TEMAHOME’s modern coffee tables are designed in a contemporary style that will allow you to appreciate an elegant and airy piece of furniture. Whether black, grey, or light tones, our coffee tables will add charm to your design. The complicity between the shapes (round, square or rectangular) and the materials used for our creations allows a unique aspect for each table. The integrated niches or drawers also ensure the functionality of the furniture while maintaining the elegance of our style. Once you have reviewed all these options, you can make your option and enjoy your space for a tea or coffee break, a drink with friends, a romantic evening, or a convivial moment with your people.


How to choose a modern coffee table?


The coffee table is a key piece in the living room, playing a functional and convivial role. The modern coffee tables made by our team of professional designers are perfect for your needs and add a great contemporary touch to your living. Don’t hesitate to decorate your living room with contemporary furniture whose clean and elegant lines will perfectly match your style and your taste. You will love to highlight your home base coffee table with beautiful flowers or good books! Our contemporary furniture collections are designed to meet the functional needs of all types of interiors with different models and colours. You can choose coffee tables with storage space as well as tops of varying sizes to accommodate your guests and home activities.


As the coffee table is a central piece of furniture in your life and in your home, it is essential to choose it well. In addition to embellishing your living, a coffee table enables you to welcome your guests, to gather the family around a game or simply to store some accessories. The size of the table and the amount of storage space available are therefore important points to consider when choosing your coffee table. So, if you are used to having friends over, opt for a large tabletop: you will then have all the space you need to fully enjoy this warm moment. If your living room needs to be organized, you should also provide some storage space. You can then choose your favourite finishes to create a new atmosphere for your space.


What is the purpose of a modern coffee table?


A modern coffee table has both a decorative and functional function. Therefore, Temahome’s designers are keen to offer you a large furniture selection and coffee tables that perfectly mix utility and elegance. You will find in our collection of modern coffee table, pieces with storage space, with large or small table tops, but also a variety of materials that will perfectly enhance the decoration of your living room. Whether you are entertaining friends, having a romantic aperitif, playing games with the kids, or simply enjoying a TV evening in front of a pleasant decor: don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the possibilities of your modern coffee table and find the one that will suit perfectly your stylish room!


How to choose the finish of a modern coffee table?


The choice of the finish of a modern coffee table is very important because it is the trendy materials and colours that will help define the good atmosphere of your living room. Temahome coffee tables are designed in a contemporary style that will allow you to appreciate a stylish and comfortable living. Neutral tones and wood provide a cozy and elegant atmosphere, so you will find our range of modern coffee tables with oak or walnut veneer furniture and white and black lacquered colours. Temahome furnishing products are made in Europe.


What kind of base choose for a modern coffee table?


Moreover, do not ignore the base of a modern coffee table when you have to select one. Indeed, the base can bring a much more stylish effect to a classic furniture for a room. When you choose the base of a modern coffee table, think about the base of the other furnitures already installed in your room. For example, look at your great and confortable sofa : the base is made of a good wood like a light oak, black or white metal? Then, you should choose a coffee table with a base made of a light oak, of silver or black epoxy lacquered metal structure accorting to the one existing on your sofa.

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