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At TEMAHOME, we want to offer you a range of furniture with modern and refined design lines. Our wooden desks are designed to facilitate your daily life, but also to bring a touch of decoration that will easily match your style.

Whether you need a desk on a one-off basis or you want to create a dedicated workspace, you are bound to find a wooden desk among our furniture ranges that is totally adapted to your style and your desires. If you choose a TEMAHOME desk, you will never get tired of it!

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How to choose a wooden desk?

Your wooden desk must first, be perfectly adapted to your home office: make sure you have the right dimensions according to the room in which you want to work. Don’t forget to provide enough space for your computer, but also a notebook or a file for example. It is important to determine your storage needs: for example, you may want to organize files, books, or folders.

Alternatively, if you want to place your desk in your living room, you may want to have a piece of furniture that includes shelves to display beautiful decorative items. Finally, think about the style of your wooden desk, it is this final element that will help create a working atmosphere that suits your taste.


What is the purpose of a wooden desk?

At TEMAHOME, we make functional, beautiful and durable wooden desks. To feel comfortable in your home office, your furniture should be ergonomic and spacious enough. You will enjoy your office more if it is comfortable for you every day. The wooden desks that our designers create also have storage modules you will appreciate.

Thanks to this type of design, you can easily organize your files, office accessories or even display books or decorative objects. In terms of design, all our furniture ranges are designed with modern, clean lines that fit perfectly with all home office styles.


How to choose the finish of a wooden desk?

The finish of a desk is very important in defining the final style of your home office. It is the colour of the veneer and the type of wood that will help create your working atmosphere. If you like the combination of modernity and coziness, you can choose oak and combine it with a white veneer. Walnut is also a perfect expression of the vintage spirit, and with a metal base your desk will be very trendy!

The Scandinavian lines of our wooden desks take on a very contemporary and refined look when combined with natural oak. This species can also be very original with metal legs that play on geometrical shapes. All you must do is choose the finish that matches both your aspirations and the style of your home office!

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