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The designers of TEMAHOME furniture are keen to offer you bookcases that combine functionality and beauty. Thanks to our modular modern bookcase system, you can showcase your books and beautiful decorative objects, but also store your accessories, files, photo albums or office supplies.

Our designers have created modern bookcases to which you can easily add storage modules adapted to your needs. Door or drawer module, it’s up to you to choose your preferred option! All our storage units are designed with timeless, geometric, and balanced lines that will perfectly match your bookcases. Don’t hesitate any longer and choose a modular shelving system that will simplify your life and add a modern and refined touch to your interior. Now it’s up to you to make your furniture according to your preferences.

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How to choose a modular bookcase?

A modular bookcase should allow you to alternate easily between volumes dedicated to storage and spaces intended to enhance your books and decorative objects. If you want your bookcase to allow you to organize your small accessories, your notebooks, your supplies, or your files, don’t hesitate to choose a sufficient number of storage modules. For example, you can use a module with a door to store your papers or albums. However, you can opt for a module with drawers to organize your electrical accessories and supplies.
A modular bookcase is the perfect compromise between functionality and aesthetics, so don’t hesitate to give your interior a twist by having fun alternating storage volumes and bookshelves.


What is the purpose of a modular bookcase?

The modular bookcases created by TEMAHOME’s designers are the perfect compromise between functionalism and elegance. The modular shelving system we offer allows you to store all the small everyday items you don’t want to display in your living room or that you want to organize. Files, office supplies, phone chargers, spectacle cases or even sets of keys will easily find their place in our drawer or door modules.

In addition to being practical and easy to use, our modular modern bookcases are made with timeless and refined lines. Thus, by modulating the neat lines of our storage units yourself, you will also be able to fully express your taste and personality.


How do I choose the finish of a modern bookcase?

Our modern bookcases are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. So, whether you choose an oak or walnut bookcase, the finish of our storage units will naturally match the aesthetics of your furniture. Inserted in a walnut veneer bookcase, a door module will bring a subtle touch of modernity and elegance to your interior. Combined with an oak veneer, a white lacquered drawer module will give your living space a warm and contemporary atmosphere.
In addition to its storage role, a wall bookcase also has the advantage of playing a decorative role. Whether it is placed in a bedroom, a living room, or an office, it brings an original and singular touch. How to choose a wall bookcase? What is its purpose? What are the possible finishes? These are the questions we aim to answer!

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