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The bookcase is a key piece of furniture in your flat or house, it is a decorative element in its own right that allows you to organize your books and favourite decorative objects. When our designers come up with their ideas for modern bookcases, they seek to combine functionalism and design. Our goal? To offer you a range of furniture that is practical for everyday use and whose aesthetics will perfectly match your personality. By choosing a TEMAHOME modern bookcase, you are opting for a piece of furniture that will transform your interior by giving it a contemporary and elegant touch.

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How to choose a modern bookcase?

In order to find the right modern bookcase, start by checking the dimensions of your furniture and your living room, lounge or bedroom. Check your ceiling height and measure the wall on which you intend to install your bookcase. You will then be able to select from our catalogue the ideal bookcase model that will perfectly fit in your living room or office space.
Then select your modern bookcase according to the use you wish to make of it. If you want to organize your books, but also some files or multimedia accessories, you can choose a bookcase with large, closed storage volumes with a precise number of shelves and doors. You can also choose the materials, from solid wood to steel, as well as the colour or original shape of your bookcase according to your needs.

What is the purpose of a modern bookcase?

The modern bookcases made by our team of designers harmoniously combine functional volumes with modern and pure lines. This means that you will benefit from furniture that is practical for everyday use and whose timeless aesthetics will fit in perfectly with your interior. You will find in our catalogue simple and ingeniously designed storage modules that will allow you to easily store your novels, your comic books, or your decorative objects.

A modern living room bookcase is a piece of furniture in its own right and can bring a warm and trendy style to your living room. Thanks to the clever design of our modern bookcases, you will be able to install your books in a piece of furniture that perfectly matches your aspirations and your personality. This is the perfect opportunity to bring a bold decorative touch to your home or flat.

What finish for a modern bookcase?

The choice of finish is very important when it comes to selecting your modern bookcase. The materials and colours of your furniture will help to determine the decorative style of your living space. In order for you to be able to choose a modern modern bookcase that meets your expectations in every respect, our designers have made a point of offering you a wide range of finishes for our products.
You are free to choose the colours and materials of your modern bookcase according to the atmosphere you want to create in your home. The combination of white and natural oak for a warm and contemporary living room, the association of geometric lines with walnut for a touch of originality or the simplicity of white to highlight your favourite books. It is up to you to define the style that will reflect your desires. Do not hesitate to browse through all the finishes we offer in our modern bookcases catalogue, you will be sure to choose a piece of furniture that suits your image!

Which finish for a modern wooden bookcase?

When you want to buy a new modern wooden bookcase, you wonder which finish will best match your interior design. At TEMAHOME, we offer a wide range of finishes for each of our desks, coffee tables or TV stands. For better protection of the wood, opt for a varnish or a natural wood leaf veneer. The idea here is to prevent the chipboard from degrading over time. In terms of colour, the dominant tone in your interior is easier to choose from: oak, walnut, wenge etc. You can also make your modern wooden bookcase contrast in your house; this will tend to make it stand out much more. In this case, the best solution is to use your modern wooden bookcase as a room divider. Placed in the center of your living room, it will create 2 distinct spaces. As it acts as a sound reducer, you will be able to watch TV in complete serenity while children play on the other side. Its access will also be facilitated in order to place all your collectibles, books, plants or toys. Moreover, its pure and elegant lines will add a subtle touch of elegance to your decoration.
3 examples of modern bookcases for your living room

The living room is the central room of your house, it is generally more spacious, which allows you to install your dining table, your TV corner, or your modern bookcase. At TEMAHOME, we offer a wide range of furniture with a clean and contemporary design. Among the different models available, you will find various styles, so it is up to you to choose what suits you best. Our first modern bookcase is called ALBI, in light oak or black metal. It knows how to be discreet while keeping spacious storage. Its design decreasing from bottom to top offers a subtle touch of elegance to your interior. In second position, you can find our modern bookcase SEOUL, made in France, its large storage capacity will welcome all your collectibles, plants, or books. Our last candidate is called BERLIN, this bookcase is adaptable as it exists in several sizes. 150 cm on 4 or 5 levels, 70 cm on 4 or 5 levels. Its versatility allows it to be installed in any room. Whether as a room divider or wall-mounted, its spacious niches will provide the ideal space for your books.


What are the advantages of a bookcase in your living room?

When designing your home, you need to think about two things: design & space. The first is simply your style, your desires, your tastes. The second is more about the utilitarian and down-to-earth side of your home. In the living room, the most suitable piece of furniture for this compromise is the modern living room bookcase. Indeed, this piece of furniture perfectly combines the privilege of a refined and contemporary design with the possibility of being modular. Thanks to its large and spacious storage spaces, your modern living room bookcase offers your living space the possibility to arrange your collectibles as you wish. At TEMAHOME, our modern living room bookcases have been designed to rediscover a taste for storage and to take advantage of large niches while maintaining a sleek design. In addition, your dining room, like your kitchen, is a very lively room in your home. Board games, TV, video games or even meals with your loved ones, every occasion is an excuse to enjoy your living room. Thanks to a modern living room bookcase, you can now divide this large room in 2. Placed in the center of the room if possible, you will then have 2 smaller spaces but still spacious enough for your needs.

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