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The perfect harmony between function and design: this is what our designers are looking for when they design low bookcases. To take place in a bedroom, in a living room or in an office, our low modern bookcases will bring to your decoration a subtle touch of originality and modernity thanks to their qualities, finishes or colours. In order to meet all your needs and adapt to all your desires, the furniture we design focuses on geometric and rhythmic storage volumes that will allow you to store all your books and display your favourite decorative objects.

For more functionality and to adjust to the evolution of your desires and your life, you can even opt for modular low bookcase systems. Choose TEMAHOME low furniture and guarantee your interior a contemporary and refined atmosphere. Don’t hesitate and choose the modern bookcase that will perfectly match your personality.

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What is the purpose of a modern bookcase?

The pure and contemporary lines of the TEMAHOME ranges make our low modern bookcases objects of decoration. The rhythmic geometry of the storage spaces that we offer offers a functional aspect that you will not be able to do without to harmoniously organize your most beautiful books. Placed in your living room, in a bedroom or even in a corridor, a TEMAHOME low bookcase creates an original and modern atmosphere that will perfectly match the style of your interior.

Leaning against a wall or arranged as a partition, a low bookcase does not block the view and offers a nice perspective on the living room. It also saves a lot of space while maintaining very useful storage: the limited height of this furniture keeps the room airy and gives a feeling of space rather than weighing down the whole and restricting the surface area. Balance is maintained.

How do I choose the finish of a modern bookcase?

The finish of a piece of furniture is very important, as it helps to set the mood and atmosphere of a room. Good finishes are also a guarantee of furniture that will last without you getting tired of it. Among the TEMAHOME low bookcase ranges, you will find a concrete finish to create a modern and refined atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. However, if you appreciate the warmth of wood, you can opt for oak or mukali: combined with the clean lines of our bookcases, these woods will bring a soft and contemporary atmosphere to your room.

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