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The bedroom is the room where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, but also read, watch a film and simply sleep peacefully. This space is very important in your daily life, which is why TEMAHOME’s teams make bedroom furniture that is both functional and beautiful. To arrange your space, you need furniture that has enough storage space and fits perfectly with the style of your home.


Thanks to the contemporary and timeless design of TEMAHOME furniture, you can easily sublimate the decor of your room and add your personal touch. All our ranges of furniture match perfectly with each other, don’t hesitate to combine our furniture to harmonise the layout of your bedroom. From bedside tables to beds and chests of drawers, take a look at our collections to complete your decor!


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Bedroom furniture: a complete range to furnish your home


Furnishing a bedroom is an important step in beautifying your home. Whether this room is simply a place to rest or a home office, the bedroom must be comfortable, beautiful and functional. TEMAHOME bedroom furniture is therefore ideal for furnishing your home as our designers only create furniture that is aesthetic, practical and ergonomic.

Our catalogue of bedroom furniture can meet all your needs and desires. So, if you want to take advantage of the space in your room to work, don’t hesitate to select your favourite desk. If however you like to have access to your books, choose our modern bookcases as well.


All of our furniture ranges can be combined perfectly with each other, in fact, you can combine your bed, bedside table and chest of drawers in complete harmony. With our complete range of bedroom furniture, you will see how easy it is to design a room in an elegant and timeless way. Don’t hesitate to give your bedroom a new look with a range of TEMAHOME furniture: it’s definitely the little extra that will make the difference!


Design bedroom furniture with many finishes


The designer teams working for TEMAHOME are committed to offering bedroom furniture with clean and elegant lines. This is why all our ranges of design furniture perfectly match the decor and the layout of your home. Thanks to the contemporary design of our furniture, you can also take advantage of it to fully express your personality and combine your furniture pieces with your favourite decorative objects.


Feel free to browse our entire catalogue and combine bedroom furniture from the same collection. Thanks to the many finishes we offer, you can combine our oak veneer bookcases with a desk combining white and wood. For a warm and refined atmosphere, you can also opt for a walnut veneer for your bed, bedside table and chest of drawers.


Why choose a modern bed?


Your bedroom is an essential room in your home. It is a very special space where you rest, but it is also a room full of life. It should represent you and be in harmony with the rest of your interior. At TEMAHOME, we want to create furniture with a clean and contemporary design for all your living spaces. That’s why we have added to our extensive collection, design beds with nightstands. The star of this collection is the FLOAT design bed, which is available in 160 cm or 180 cm. Its design gives the optical illusion that it floats above the ground. It is also accompanied by the FLOAT nightstands.


Cubic, discreet and elegant, it will perfectly match this double bed. Its unique large drawer will allow you to store all the items you will need for a good night’s sleep. Easy to assemble, this collection is eye-catching thanks to its minimalist design and finishes. Available in natural wood leaf veneer or white lacquer, the FLOAT design bed will make your interior shine. From an environmental point of view, our designer beds are made of particleboard made of recycled wood and natural wood veneer. When you buy a TEMAHOME design bed, you also get a comfortable bed base with high quality slats! No more backache when you wake up or the annoying sounds of a creaking bed base. Don’t hesitate and choose this sleek and elegant design bed for a bedroom that reflects your image!


How to choose a design bed?


As with any new purchase for your home, you need to make sure that it matches your interior decoration. That’s why it’s important to take a good look at the different parameters to consider before completing your purchase. The most important being the dimensions of your new piece of furniture, available in 160 cm or 180 cm, the FLOAT design bed can be easily adapted to your bedroom. Measure the exact space you have available and plan to add a bedside table on each side. This extra space is important as it is where you will store your accessories such as a phone charger, a book or a bedside lamp.


Once you have checked the dimensions, you need to choose the colour of your new furniture. Our FLOAT design beds are available in natural walnut veneer and white lacquer. These 2 finishes have different purposes, while a walnut veneer will add a touch of mystery and elegance to your interior, a white lacquer will be perfect to bring out the colours of your room! Indeed, although our design beds are King and Queen size, they also know how to remain discreet and uncluttered in your interior thanks to their design which gives the impression of floating above the ground. Once you have defined your dimensions and chosen your finish, all you have to do is place your order!


Can a design bed be used in any room?


When you look at TEMAHOME design beds, you are transported into our unique, clean and contemporary world. The question then arises: does the TEMAHOME world fit in with my current interior design? The answer is yes! Thanks to its walnut veneer or white lacquered finish, the design beds we propose blend in naturally with your interior. When we design new creations, we always take into account that the furniture will be placed in the living spaces of people with very different lifestyles. That’s why our creations are universal and allow as many people as possible to find themselves in our contemporary design, made in TEMAHOME. When you choose a design bed on our website, you bring home positive vibes and a rare elegance to your bed. Thanks to their comfortable mattress, FLOAT design beds will make your dreams come true!

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