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The living room is one of the central rooms of the house, it is the heart of your decoration. Discover our wide range of sitting room furniture dedicated to this space!


Which kind of modern living room furniture should you choose for your room?


Your drawing room is the place that defines your decoration style. As the central space in your life, it must be the bearer of your personality. To do this, there are several storage options to choose from. You can install a bookcase for your books, collectibles or even plants. As well as an armchair to relax in or a display case to showcase your precious collections. At least 2 tables are essential, the one in the living room or dining room for meals and a coffee table for cup of tea and aperitifs with friends. We also recommend a TV stand and a sideboard for your TV and accessories. Once you have made your list, you can discover our complete selection of designer sitting room furniture, created to embellish your home!

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How to furnish a living room?


At TEMAHOME, we know how important the living room is. Often the most spacious place in the house, it must be perfect. To do this, define your design and imagine your sitting room once it is furnished. Then place your elements, a TV stand in the corner, a sideboard on the left, a bookcase on the right, wall shelves. Anything that will enhance your interior should be considered. Once you have done this, all you must do is choose from our large collection of drawing room furniture. Thanks to their contemporary style and various finishes, they will naturally match your interior!


What are the advantages of a modern living room furniture?


Your interior should reflect your recent tastes as they evolve over the years. At TEMAHOME, we design our furniture to be timeless and in harmony with your decoration. To achieve this, we have created a contemporary design that is both pure and elegant. Thanks to its diversity of colours and finishes, our collection adds a subtle touch of originality to your interior. Don’t hesitate any longer and dive into our selection of living room furniture!


The living room is one of the central living rooms of the house, it is the heart of your decoration. Discover our wide range of models dedicated to this space!


A wide range of living room furniture


The living room is the heart of your house or flat, it is where you can receive your friends, enjoy moments of relaxation, organize a movie night, or simply have an aperitif with your family. It is therefore important that your living room furniture looks like you and that it allows you to express your style and your personality. The designers who create our collections are committed to offering you a range of furniture with an elaborate design.


Thanks to the pure lines of our furniture, you will be able to give a warm and modern atmosphere to your living room. Our Temahome living room furniture is timeless, they take place in your living rooms while leaving you the possibility to bring your personal touch. So, you will never get tired of spending time in your living room.


As the main living area, the living room should reflect your taste and personality. While the living room is most often furnished with a sofa, coffee table and TV stand, you can also add a desk, bookcase, or console. It is up to you to design your living room according to your functional possibilities and your preferred decorative design.

To meet your needs and desires, TEMAHOME’s teams offer you a wide range of living room furniture: from coffee tables to desks, bookcases, and consoles, all our collections can be adapted to the layout of your space. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or a more contemporary one, you are bound to find the design that will perfectly match your expectations among our ranges of designer living room furniture. All our ranges of furniture match each other and are designed to match your interior decor. Our designers create living room furniture that is both aesthetic and functional: we want to simplify your daily life and bring a touch of elegance and modernity that you will love!


We want to give to our customers the best product for their home, so that they could give a new atmosphere to their house, and enjoy and new daily interior view. Our regular promotionnal offers give you the possibility to buy high quality chairs, sofas, dining products, table, accessories and a lot of other decorative items for a right price. Otherwise, our shop allows you to add to a wishlist each product you would need to have and that you couldn’t buy for the moment. A lot of drawing room products are available in our shop. You only have to chose if you are going to fall in love with an oak table and its oak chairs, or a contemporary, comfortable et colorful sofa, a dinig table made with a luxurious glass and metal, or a storage units to keep your personal items such as decorative accessories, dishes, or books, protected.


Modern living room furniture with a wide range of finishes


TEMAHOME’s designers have created a range of designer living room furniture with clean, contemporary lines. Thanks to this timeless style, our living room furniture fits perfectly with your decor and takes its place in your living room. It is also these sober and elegant lines that will give you the possibility to fully express your taste and personality. So don’t hesitate to decorate our furniture ranges with your favourite travel souvenirs or decorative objects.

To give you the opportunity to create a living room that suits you, we also offer a wide range of finishes. For example, if you want to create a cozy and warm living room, you can opt for the combination of wood and neutral colours such as white or black. For a more modern and refined atmosphere, don’t hesitate to select materials such as marble!

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