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The factory

TemaHome is based in Tomar, a Portuguese city widely known for being the last Templar town to be erected, where many historical traces of that period still exist. Located one hour north of Lisbon, the company's production factory and offices coexist in the same building, providing a close contact between all the different departments at TemaHome.

The TemaHome industrial site is comprised of 76.845m2 where the 16.500m2 modern production line is installed. The factory manufactures the main components necessary to produce our wood products, allowing us to have absolute control over the quality of the final merchandise. Our wood products are composed of many layers such as chipboard, medium density fiberboard or MDF, and an incredible honeycomb structure. The finishes can be of veneer or lacquered, varnish (to achieve natural veneer finishes), paint (for wengue, chocolate or lacquered colours) or high gloss (made in-house).

Technology and innovation are in constant development at TemaHome thanks to the perfect sync between our production and design departments. This approach is the warranty that the latest equipment and automation systems are properly used and the production flow is maximized, so that we can always deliver products with the highest quality.